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Christian Faire Folk
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Monday, March 30th, 2009
7:11 pm
Update on Radelt Boys
Hakon/Mickey has been awake and alert, they tested his motor and speech functions and they are great! He had the same injury in the same place to the same degree  as the actress who died last week. Mickey got medical treatment in time.

Leoric/Merrick has come out of surgery just fine. His kneecap was broken - not the tibia as originally thought. Also, the rest of is injury is not nearly as bad as they thought! Awesome news all around!

Petra/JoAnn is asking people to please wait for information rather than calling her. We have a chain of informants and will keep everyone informed! They have limited battery power and reception at the hospital is not great.

Current Mood: full of hope
Sunday, March 29th, 2009
11:53 pm
Prayer Request for Scadian Family
Hakon (m.k.a. Mickey Radelt), 19 years old, was doing yard work this afternoon and was struck on the head by a tree branch. He was bleeding internally and they did emergency brain surgery to cauterize a blood vessel in his brain. He is currently in ICU. So far they are worried about his speech being slow, but they believe his surgery was successful.

Leoric (m.k.a. Merrick Radelt), 15 years old, is having knee surgery tomorrow afternoon. He injured his knee at a LARP last weekend.

Hakon is an adult heavy fighter and Leoric is the Northwoods Baronial Youth Boffer Champion as well as being a recipient of the Award of The Baton. Their parents are Lord Schwartz Wilhelm and Lady Petra both Heavy Fighters of Ironwolf. They are in the Midrealm.

This is cross-posted every place I can think of to post it!

UPDATE 3-30 11AM - from his Dad (Lord Schwartz Wilhelm)
Mick is currently sleeping.  He came through surgery well. He has a linear fracture on the left side, behind the ear going toward the top of the skull.  An artery in the subdural layer was cut by the fracture. This was the reason for the bleeding. They cauterized the bleeding artery and truncated it at the branch. After which they bled him, Actually, allowed the excess fluids to drain. The fracture is expected to heal on its own without complications. He was/is talking and all neurological indicators look very good for a full recovery.

Current Mood: hopeful
Wednesday, February 11th, 2009
10:46 am
We missed the March Pale deadline due to several family crisis - I just wanted to remind everyone that It Takes MY Child to RAZE a Village is April 18, 2009. It is hosted by the Inicipient Canton of Weldlake and the Barony of Northwoods, Region of Pentamere, Midrealm. It is located in Howell, MI (at Heart of the Shepherd Lutheran Church)! I know money is tight everywhere but this is an event that is worth the drive for EVERYONE in your family!

This year we have an awesome Arts and Sciences Competition - Four age categories and a Group Project category! Work on an A&S project as a Family! or Canton or Barony!

Current Mood: excited
Tuesday, February 10th, 2009
7:25 pm
update on my sister - Gnu Good Gnus!
Emily, my 24 year old sister, was hospitalized last night when her heart was beating really fast - her heart rate was 144. They think she might have an infection as her white blood cell count is double that of what it should be, but they do not know where the infection might be. They are keeping her overnight again tonight.  And will run more tests in the morning
Thank you for your prayers and I will keep you informed each time I come home.

She is home from the Hospital! They know what was wrong but not what caused it and she will be having out-patient surgery to zap away her extra nerve in the next two weeks. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts!

Current Mood: jubilant
10:49 am
Prayer Needed
Last Night my 24 year old sister, Emily (known in the SCA as Bryn Archer - she is the one in pink in the back of my userpic), was admitted to Providence Hospital in Novi. Her Heart was racing. She has a minor heart condition - WPW syndrome, but I don't know for sure if it is related. My mom said that they said something about she has an infection and is dehydrated and that is causing her heart to race.

Also, Last Tuesday, my mom's co-worker, Judy, was diagnosed with malignant breast cancer.

They both need all the prayer they can get - please pass my prayer requests on!

Current Mood: worried
Thursday, January 8th, 2009
12:21 am
It Takes MY CHild to RAZE a Village 2009 A&S
While I am always looking for helpers and activity ideas, this note is actually to promote the 2nd Annual All Ages A&S Tournament! (April 18, 2009 Howell, MI - www.scakids.org)

Most of the time Children/Youth A&S entries are not judged, however, at "It Takes My Child..." there is a Bean Count for everyone - no matter their age - Last Year's Overall Winner was a Four Year old! (He made "Tune-up" (Turnip) Soup, Bread, and Herb Butter "for the Baron's Lunch")

This year we have 5 Divisions for Competition:
A. 7 and Younger
B. 8-12 years
C. 13-17 years
D. 18+
E. Group - 2 or more people cooperatively working on a single project.

For more information (and to get a head start by downloading the form!) Click Here!

Please encourage your Child(ren), Nieces, Nephews, and members of your local group (Children of All Ages!) to work on an A&S project for this event!
For Group Entries - Members of Group do not have to be of Blood Relation (Hint: Your entire Canton can work on a project together) as long as at least one member of the Group is under the age of 18!

Have Fun and Do Your Best! We hope to see you (and your entry!) in April!
~Lady Seadhli

(Forgot to mention in most of my other posts - this is x-posted everywhere I can think to x-post it!)

Current Mood: medieval
Saturday, January 3rd, 2009
12:12 am
New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve is an odd night for me. I'm not married, or in a relationship, so I don't have someone to be romantic with. Yet, I am a very social person. I like spending time with people I know and like, people that are interesting, or some combination thereof. My church hasn't had any activities for people my age/marital status for a while, so I tend to hang out with friends from various parts of my life. Often friends from faire.
This year I was working. At Knotts Berry Farm. Knotts has a special event on New Years Eve, like Disneyland. Only Knotts' special event is a Christian music night called "Praise." Lots of Christian bands, but very young adult oriented. Knotts has been doing this for a long time. I remember attending this event in the mid 70's. And I took my youth group in the 90's.
Stage set, on to the good part. My lunch break started around 11:25 p.m. I was going to go to the company cafeteria, but I heard worship music coming from the main stage near my shop. I compromised, going to my break room where I could still hear the music, and sit down. I went back to work, just before midnight, joining the crowd singing "One Day" (better is one day in your courts...". The lead singer of the band led the audience in prayer for all of us for 2009 and then the countdown happened. So I got to worship, and join in with the group prayer. It left me with a real peaceful feeling. Despite the darkness of Haunt, God is still at Knotts. I don't think I will ever forget that.
Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008
1:25 pm
Update on Connor 12-01-08
Hi Everyone,

Just a short note before I go back to the hospital. Connor seems to be a little better. He is off the heparin drip, which is a medicine that thins his blood so it can flow through his hand to heal the veins. It was scary because he was on a very high dose that could have been fatal if he started bleeding. He should be moving out of ICU today (He was moved on 12-1-08 to a room on the sixth floor) .

 Thank you to all those who have sent cards, gifts, food, and prayer.  We are overwhelmed by the love and caring we feel from so many. Also please feel free to send this to anyone I may have missed.

 Many of you have asked to come see Connor and as soon as he is out of ICU.  I'm sure he would love company. He can only see a few at a time, so while I would love for you to come, could you please call so you do not have to wait. We are asking that only a few people come a day so not to tire him out so he can heal. I hope that does not sound rude, as I for sure do not mean to be.

 Thank you again for everything I will be taking all the cards to him today as I have forgotten to check the mailbox all week. I hope to be able to tape them in his new room after he is settled. I will let you know his room and phone as soon as he is settled.

 Laurie and Larry and Corey-Chelsea-Casey

Current Mood: hopeful
Wednesday, November 26th, 2008
1:00 pm
Update on Little Connor
I have copied and pasted the email I received from Pastor Galen:

Thanks for all your care and concern and prayers…here’s the latest…

Update – Connor Lakatos - Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Just talked to Laurie and she asked that we pass on this message to you…Will keep you informed as we know more…
Pastor Galen


From Laurie – 8am Wednesday, November 26, 2008
Hi Everyone,

As many if you already know Connor has been in an accident. He has severed his left wrist three quarters of the way. After a 7 hour reattachment surgery the hand seemed to be pink and have blood flow. A few hours later that changed and he had to go back into surgery where they took a vein from his leg and placed it into his wrist. They also removed his finger nails and are using leach therapy to increase blood flow to the area. as you who know Connor can expect, he is very agitated and upset. They will not know for a couple weeks if he will keep his hand. He is Ped. ICU now and we do not know when he will be moved. He can only see immediate family and they have allowed Pastor Galen and Max at Connors request. I know several of you have asked to come see him, and I will let you know when that can happen. He was very calm and alert during the ambulance drive to the hospital. He even made the EMT and me fold our hands and pray for him on route. In the emergency room he asked me to contact pastor and ask for him to ask people to pray for him. I thank God for the faith he has given Connor. I have to say that was not what was on my mind at the moment. I want to thank all of you for the prayers and offers to help. We can feel them all and it helps. I am sure in the close future we will take you up on that, as for now we are just concentrating on keeping ourselves healthy and strong for him. I forced myself to come home last night and sleep as I was up over 40 hours and knew if I did not I could not be there for him. Larry stayed with him. I am on my way back as soon as I finish this note…I will try to update you on his progress and what you can do to help. right now just pray for him. Pray for him to be calm and let the nurses and doctors have patience with him. And again THANK YOU!

p.s. I am sending this to only a few could you please forward to anyone you think should know. Thank you!

Laurie & Larry and Family

Let’s continue to lift up Connor and the family in prayer, entrusting them to the care of the Good Shepherd and Great Physician.  Lord, guide and direct the surgical teams as they use their giftedness to repair Connor’s injured arm and wrist.  As we surround Connor and Laurie and Larry and Cory, Chelsea, and Casey in our prayers, asking You, Lord, our miracle-working God for a miracle in Connor’s life, may they be embraced by the presence of your peace, love and grace.  Amen.

Current Mood: hopeful
Tuesday, November 25th, 2008
2:43 pm
Prayer Request!
A fifth grader I go to church with, was in an accident last night and his hand was severed. He spent 12 hours in surgery last night and is in a second surgery as I type this. His older brother told me that his hand is in trouble. His name is Connor. He's a really cool kid who wants to be a Pastor when he grows up. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.
Thank you!

(I'm gonna cross-post this in a few places and some of you will receive it as an e-mail. Even if you aren't a prayer-y person maybe you could pass it on to someone else you know who does?)

Current Mood: hopeful
Friday, October 17th, 2008
8:41 pm
SCAdian & Christian

I'm SCAdian and Christian.  I can't type much more since a small child broke one of my fingers last week.  I'm on injured reserve for 4 more weeks.

Pax Christi

Current Mood: in pain
2:16 pm
Greetings ChristainFaire!
I'm in the SCA, my SCA name is Seadhli. I'm Pentamere Regional Minister of Youth in the Midrealm. (Which means I'm the Director of Children's Activites for the Lower Penninsula of Michigan and a bit of Ontario) I play with the Incipient Canton of Weldlake.

Current Mood: medieval
Monday, July 14th, 2008
9:52 am
Hello Christianfaire!
Hi there!

Today I went to church and then headed out to my local medieval faire. Now I just came upon this nice community. So cool to have found you, although sadly not very active. :/

My husband and I have always been nerdy rennie/gamer types...Steven's a little sci fi, I'm a little more historical, but we meet in the middle and everyone's happy. Steven grew up in a Christian home and I came to know the Lord when I was in college.

It was hard dating because at renfaire there were plenty of guys who wanted to "party" (in all senses of the word)and at church there were guys who were dumbstruck about my hobbies. I remember thinking, "Yeah, God, like there's another weirdo like me out there," and I think that was when I met Steven. Isn't God amazing in how carefully he can detail things and always exceed our wildest expectations?

We had a medieval fantasy themed wedding, and we have been together for eight years already.

Today Steven and I are really involved with our church. We help direct a young adult program calles the Oasis...it targets outreach for adults in their twenties and thirties. On Monday nights we have game night. Alot of our friends who come to this are gamers and rennies who do not know the Lord. I think that the fact that our church generously allows us to use this space makes a big impression...I really want our friends to know God's love and though you go to faire and you might see King Arthur, there is one Sovereign Lord that I will pledge to serve because He first loved me.

Anyhow, thank you for letting me ramble and I'm glad this is here. Huzzah!

Current Mood: creative
Monday, May 19th, 2008
12:07 pm
I've noticed that we've picked up some new members recently. Please post and let us know who you are and how you fit into this niche.
I'm a member of the Archers of Ravenwood, a Southern California re-enactment group. We portray a 1450 English free company. I also gate list a few faires with Rogues Cove, a pirate re-enactment group out of Las Vegas.
Sunday, February 10th, 2008
9:08 pm
The news said that this is the earliest Easter has been in 100 years. I sure can't remember it being this early before. It sort of snuck up on me. I rather missed Ash Wednesday (my church doesn't do services that day anyway), but I started observing it the next day. I decided not to cut our a food item, even though that is traditional in many churches. I'm trying to loose weight, and that seems to be cheating. Instead I chose to continue something I started recently. I haven't been reading the Bible much the last few years. Lots of excuses, I just hadn't. I was challenged last summer to read in a new translation. So, for Lent, I'm reading the epistles of Paul in The Message translation. It's sort of a new modern English version. So far I'm really enjoying it and getting a lot out of it. I think I'll probably go back to the Gospels once I finish the letters.
If any of you are observing Lent, what are you doing?
Sunday, July 8th, 2007
7:29 pm
An interesting bit of writing
Every so often I find something that I think should be shared. The following is an exerp from "Minimal Genetic Contribution to Homosexuality" by Neil and Briar Whitehead. My daughter had to read the article for one of her classes. While I'm not sure I believe all of the author's statements (ok, I don't believe all their statements), the following struck a chord with me-especially the part about "the Fellowship of Continuous Change." I apologize for the length, I wanted to keep it somewhat in context.

"Are we, who are caught up in all manner of addictions, minor and major, sexual and spiritual going to blame our biology, or our environment? Christians, at least, are called to be part of the Fellowship of Continuous Change, and part of the good news is that no one needs to be trapped in a behavior unless he or she, in full possession of the facts, still agrees to be. Science backs up the good news. You don't have to do what your genes might predispose you to do, or what your training in addictive behaviors begs you to do. You can re-train. You can be truly free.
We can change. Hard? Too hard? Well, we can be dead fish swept along by the current, or salmon who head into the rapids and waterfalls to reach the head of the river. Is all the heroic had work worth it? Salmon are prepared to die in the attempt.
Jesus said, "Go into all the world and preach the good news." The good news includes the fact that change is possible. It's tremendous news, challenging news, divisive news. Jesus said he came to save the world, not condemn it, but he also said that the door leading to life is narrow and few find it. Change is a microcosm of the gospel. I am not trapped by my biology, or my environment. I am able to get free-but it won't be easy. Does that mean some people will not finish the course, not make it out the other end? It seems so. People can be satisfied with their addiction. In other cases, our help, knowledge, and love may simply not be adequate.
We have a choice. We can give free reign to whatever genetic predispositions we might have toward a behavior, or we can, by grace, discipline, and divine help, counter act it.
DNA is a ladder of nitrogenous bases and sugars that makes proteins. But it is also a ladder of destiny, a Jacob's ladder, and it is our choice whether angels or demons walk up and down it. Do your genes make you do it? You choose."
Friday, June 22nd, 2007
5:39 pm
Tom Tom
Working faire, SCA, etc. we all meet some amazing people. They are indeed "larger than life." Not all of them are nice people. And many of them are not Christian. In fact, a large percentage follow various pagan beliefs. Some are downright anti-Christian. It's just how it is.
The man we called Tom Tom (his faire name, his real name was Thomas), was very much of the "larger than life" category. Literally. He was well over 6 foot tall and built like a small mountain. But not fat. At least not much. He was a member of the Wilds, a fantasy group in our circuit. He fought battle pageant with them (and with the Vikings at faires where the Wilds were not invited), and took part in their wrestling event known as Fight for the Bone. He was a fierce, but safe fighter. I never saw him loose his temper during battle. My favorite memory of him fighting was at San Diego faire where he fought with shield alone. And was utterly terrifying.
Tom was one of those rare individuals who was intelligent as well as good hearted. I don't ever remember anyone saying a bad word about him, which is rare. Tom loved to learn. At the service I learned that Tom had read every sacred scripture he could. He loved to talk about the merits of each spiritual faith. Not arguing, but honestly discussing.
I am happy to report that it was announced at the service that Tom had chosen Christianity, had given his heart to Jesus some time before his death. To me that's a great relief. I did not know Tom all that well, but he was my daughter's champion. She loved working with him, fighting with him, etc. when she was with the Wilds. When my daughter got caught up in some politics with part of the Wild leadership, Tom stepped up and told the assembled group that the charges against my daughter were bullshit (which they were). They listened to him and the charges went away. I bless him for that.
There was a large crowd at his memorial service. Most were faire folk. Not just from the Wilds. There were probably a dozen guild represented-and this was a Thursday night out in the middle of nowhere!
I will miss Tom. I don't know what will happen with the Wilds without him. I know part of me will still be looking for him at Escondido faire. But he is safe with the Lord now. Waiting for his next battle orders.
Tom's choice of Christianity is a heartening one for me. If he can choose the Lord, so can others.
Sunday, May 6th, 2007
11:23 pm
April in Revies
March in Review
1. What was my biggest accomplishment?

I think my biggest accomplishment was learing that I could be successful as a lead teacher. I had to learn how to efax, as well as dealing with paperwork and (mostly) incompetant bosses.

2. What was the best choice I made all month?
I can't claim just one "best" choice. I know I did work through some stuff, which is good.

3. What was the most unexpected blessing?

Getting refunds on both my federal and state taxes. Completely unexpected. And completely from God.

4. What was the weirdest thing I did all month?

Probably realizing that not only do I have a strange (and exciting) lifestyle (compared to many), but also that I am a good enough archer that I could hit a man (or woman) sized target at a decent distance away. I wouldn't, but I have the still, and that is strange to me.

5. What was the most creative thing I did all month?

I spent a lot of time in April sewing garb, getting ready for the start of faire season. Several of us spent horrid amounts of time working on garb for my daughter's boyfriend. By the time they started dating, he already had committed money to a costume that a then former girlfriend was gong to make him. The young woman (who shall remain nameless, since I may still do violence on her) could not design, or sew. Yet she lives in a fantasy world where she is wonderful and can do all things. She had designed fancy German garb for the boyfriend. I now know why I have always avoided German costuming in the past. It wouldn't have been so bad if she had known what she was doing. We spend almost as much time un-doing her design problems and poor sewing. Sigh. But the garb is almost done now, and actually looks pretty good. Just don't ask me to make Germans again for a while. LIke probably never.

6. What is the most important spiritual lesson learned?

I had been in a spiritual season of winter in my life. A lot of bad stuff had happened. In April I found out/figured out that my life season has changed. It's spring now. Change is happening and it's good.

7. How are my New Year’s resolutions going?
Not much change. Just small movement. Mom's health issues are slowly getting better, and she's starting to deal with some of the life issues. My "vacation" this year will probably be a trip to Arizona with my mom to visit family and friends. No real time or money to do otherwise. I still want to take mom on her dream vacation (a trans-Canade rail road trip in the fall of the year), but that will proably have to wait until 2008.
Wednesday, April 4th, 2007
10:41 pm
Holy Week and Passover
Please forgive me for not posting until now-my life has been a bit busy.

I've been thinking about what we Christians call Holy Week-the time between Palm Sunday and Easter. It really is a week of supreme importance to Christians, so we ought to think about it every year (if not more often).
I was extremely blessed in that my late father-in-law was Jewish. When he married into my husband's family he brought his faith and its celebrations with him. Because of that I was able to start my study of Passover and what it means to us.
Passover is a holiday period ordained by God, after the Jews were able to finally begin claiming the promised land. The purpose of the celebration was pretty clear-so that the Jews would never forget God and His hand on His people during the exodus from Egypt.
I don't have knowledge of what the Passover meal was like during Jesus' day. Though I suspect, from what we have recorded in the New Testament, that many of the key elements were similarly celebrated as they are today.
What I can write about is what I have learned about how the Sedar (the actual Passover celebration) is held today. A Sedar is a scripted event. It's like a play. There are actual booklets (sometimes available at supermarkets during the Passover season) available. There is usually a narrator, and there are parts-usually the youngest person at the Sedar gets the children's role ("And why is this night different from all other nights?"). Some things are said only by the narrator, some by everyone. Some Sedars are only in Hebrew. Others mix Hebrew with whatever language is most commonly used (English in the Sedars I've attended).
The key elements have all been the same. The plot device is that the children in attendance are wondering why this night is so different. The narrator tells them, and in the process, tells the story of the Jews release from Egypt.
Food is used as a memory device. A "Sedar Plate" will contain all of the "elements", which include a lamb bone, a piece of matza, some horseradish, some parsley, and charoset(more on that later). Throughout the story the narrator will refer to all of the elements. The lamb bone to the lamb that was slain so that the family would not suffer the loss of the first-born in the last plague. The matza is the modern day equivalent of the unleavened bread. The horseradish represents the bitterness of the Jews toil in Egypt. The charoset (which is a yummy combination of chopped up apples and walnuts with spices) represents the morter used to hold the bricks together. It is also a balance for the bitterness of the horseradish. The parsley is dipped into salt water to represent the sweat of their labor in Egypt. Wine (or grape juice) is consumed at three different points in the service. The main piece of matza is ceremonially broken at one point of the meal. One of the broken pieces is then broken into smaller pieces and given to the others present to consume. I can see Jesus, as the narrator, doing just that in the upper room.
After the main story is told, there is usually a break where the main course of the meal is served. This is a kosher meal, so meat and dairy will not be served together, nor will there be any foods containing yeast or other "unkosher" products.
Eventually everyone gathers back together for final reminders of the story, blessings, and closing.
On Palm Sunday we remember the triumphant entry Jesus had into Jerusalem. On Holy Thursday we remember the last supper. Not only was this a Passover Sedar, but it was the birth of our sacrament of communion. Good Friday we remember the trial and death of our willing lamb, our Lord Jesus. Holy Saturday is a day of waiting-waiting for our Lord. Loving Him and the sacrifice He made. Easter is our annual remembrance of the resurrection. Jesus is risen! He is real. And His sacrifice has made a way for us to connect with God.
Happy Easter all!
Sunday, April 1st, 2007
10:51 pm
March Review
March in Review
1. What was my biggest accomplishment?

I think my biggest accomplishment was in finally finishing copying all the photos from my marriage. That took me about 4 years and 3 copiers. Huge job. Now I just have to sort 2 boxes of prints and put them into photo albums.

2. What was the best choice I made all month?
Hmmm. Drawing a blank here. Probably that I did choose to go to Palm Springs faire, despite the chaos and the work involved. It was a healing time for me.

3. What was the most unexpected blessing?
I have to put two things down here. The multi-homegroup meeting at church with the Native American emphasis was a prayer come true. I got to worship with Natives-in regalia. Seeing them worship God based on their own culture made me cry.
The other blessing was totally unexpected-winning the pair of tickets to go see the Police in June. I'm still blown away!

4. What was the weirdest thing I did all month?

Attending the Primerica West Coast Convention. Hands down. All these energetic, cheerful people getting a major energy boost from people telling them how to make money. Not my thing.

5. What was the most creative thing I did all month?

This may sound odd, but I finished my first two ever Scotting Tams (hats). I crocheted them. It amazes me that I can take yarn and turn it into a hat.

6. What is the most important spiritual lesson learned?

The reminder (with real life illustrations) that I really shouldn't worry about money if I'm letting God be in control. Right on time my 5 week tutoring gig showed up.

7. How are my New Year’s resolutions going?
Mixed. I crossed 2 of the 10 off last month. I'm doing better about home church and getting closer to God. Mom is doing better health wise. I have lost some weight. Still no psych internship (but I'm not fretting about it at least) and my social life (in terms of dating) is still not happening. Oh well. I did, however, send in the paperwork to start the process of organizing a small vacation for mom and I this summer.
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